Blog Post The Kingdom of God in the Beginning

These posts will deal with the revelation of God as a King establishing His Kingdom. In this post we will survey this claim tracking it through Genesis 1-11. You should read your bible before reading this and see if these things are so. The (much shorter) audio for this story can be found here (download or listen) starting around 1:02:50. We know and we worship a very powerful God. He created the vastness of our universe and governs the infinitesimal parts (Hebrews 1:3). He is a King and his throne is in the heavens (Psalm 103:19). He made everything, and then hovered over its formlessness. He spent the first seven days of Creation on the throne giving the edicts of a King to His creation. He has established right and rule over all of it. He assigned its functions and deemed their worth. He tested and judged it. He saw that it was good. Yet in all of God’s creative power, He saw fit to create a being that would share in His likeness. A being that, like Him, would... Continue reading

Blog Post Sipping from the Fire Hydrant

The Kingdom of God and a Biblical Theology The leadership of the Crossing has labored for some time now to try and convince the body of the legitimacy and need of a good biblical theology. You may not realize this. They do it very shrewdly. Well, they used to anyway. Up until now, Aaron and Gary have preached (and preached well) using a biblical theology framework. They usually don’t mention biblical theology by name when they do it, but if you’ve ever wondered why Aaron and Gary (especially) tend to take us through the entire story of the bible in so many of their sermons, this is what they are doing. They’re teaching us to be whole bible Christians. It makes sense; the whole bible was meant for Christians (2 Timothy 3:16-17). I say that it used to be a shrewd approach because if you didn’t have a biblical theology framework, you might just think that our pastors were continually just trying to fill up time in their 45 minute sermons with lengthy explanations of the... Continue reading

Blog Post Getting Started – A Brief Explanation of Biblical Theology

I want to try and set forth a brief case for why biblical theology is needed within a local church body and explain the principles that guide and shape it. Wish me luck, because there are a lot of things that could be said about either of these. For starters, I think it’s worth mentioning that biblical theology is just a name that we have given to a certain way of understanding the bible. It is, however, how the bible has been properly understood and interpreted since the time of the New Testament authors (and Old Testament, for that matter). In the next couple of weeks, I hope to establish that this is the right way of understanding the bible through these blog posts and in our Sunday seminars (which, in case you forgot, are starting this Sunday and will continue for five weeks).  My hope and prayer for this is that it will clarify and inform our personal reading of Scripture, which in turn will be fuel for heart-filled worship and benefit anyone involved in a local... Continue reading

Blog Post The Treasure Principle

I just recently finished reading a great book by Randy Alcorn titled “The Treasure Principle”. This little book is page after page of biblical truths and convicting arguments regarding personal finances, and the worshipful act of giving. I strongly believe that every Christian should read this book. That might seem a little presumptuous, but I believe I can make that claim for two reasons. First, it’s very short, and takes very little effort and time commitment to read. And second, it is deeply rooted in scripture. So, I strongly encourage you to give it a read on your own. However, in case you don’t read it, or procrastinate reading it, I want to share the books main points with you now. Randy Alcorn outlines six main points which he calls the keys to the treasure principle. And they are these (descriptions mine): God owns everything. I am His money manager. Here, the lesson is essentially what you will find in Luke 19:12-27. This is the parable that Jesus tells of... Continue reading