Blog Post Sunday Gathering, January 4th

Here is our weekly blog that we post in hopes of helping those coming to The Crossing’s Sunday Gathering to engage and prepare our hearts to worship King Jesus. We will highlight the Scripture that we will preach on as well as the songs we will be singing. Here are a three simple ways to prepare your heart: 1) Read through and meditate on the text that will be preached that Sunday with your family or friends. 2) Sing, listen or read through some of the song lyrics that we will sing together and ask God to grow and strengthen our faith and understanding of Him through them. 3) Pray for God to reveal Himself to you and the The Crossing in powerful ways! Worship through the Word: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Worship through Singing: Wonderful Cross Man of Sorrows Cornerstone Jesus, Firm... Continue reading

Blog Post Christmas Eve Gathering

On December 24th at 5:30pm we will come together to worship the Incarnation of Jesus! Please join us and bring a friend if you are in town. We will have a short devotional message, read scripture, pray but mostly we will sing of this epic event! Our Gathering will be about an hour from 5:30pm-6:30pm so that you can make all of the other Christmas Eve... Continue reading

Blog Post Advent 2014 Resources

This weekend we kicked off the Advent of Jesus Christ! The word Advent means "coming" or "arrival." From November 30th-December 25th we will focus our Gatherings around the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ, his first Advent, with anticipation of His Second Advent as the conquering King. Here is a free resource on Advent called, "Good News of Great Joy," from John Piper and Desiring God. It is a great tool to help us keep Jesus at the heart of the Christmas Season. Matthew 1:1-17, The Genealogy of... Continue reading

Blog Post Sermon Recap, Acts 18:18-28

The Ripples of Discipleship: Acts 18:18-28 "Ordinary People living ordinary lives with gospel intentionality who are empowered by the Holy Spirit." This is one of our motto's here at the Crossing and in Acts 18 we see this motto lived out in Aquila and Priscilla. Aquila and Priscilla were a ordinary couple who had a tremendous impact on the early Church, in particular the Churches in Corinth, Ephesus and possibly Rome. They modeled for us 3 characteristics of a Disciple Maker and how everyday people are used by God to build His Kingdom: --Available --Hospitable --Engaging Here are some questions from the sermon: What was the main point of the sermon? What was your favorite part of Acts 18:18-28? Out of the 3 characteristics (being available, hospitable, engaging) where do you excel and where do you need prayer and growth? What does the phrase, "Discipleship is not what you do but it's who you are" mean? How does understanding this phrase change you... Continue reading

Blog Post Sermon Recap, Acts 18:1-17

Acts 18:1-17, "The First Disciple's in Corinth" What causes fear in your heart? That was the question we opened up with in Acts 18:1-17. In this portion of scripture we see the Apostle Paul (the William Wallace of the Faith) struggle and overcome the fears and the high's and low's of making Disciples in Corinth. Here are a several questions to ask and meditate on in Acts 18:1-17 1. What was the Corinthian Culture like that Paul was engaging? What are the contemporary issues that we share with the Corinthian Culture here in Fort Collins/USA? 2. What were the high's and low's of Paul's ministry to the Corinthians in Verses 1-17? What are the high's and low's you encounter in your ministry? 3. Why did Paul in verse 6, "dust of his garments?" Why did he also say in verse 6, "Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent?" How can we apply this OT example to our lives today? 4. Why was Paul afraid in verse 9? How did the Lord meet Paul in his... Continue reading

Blog Post Acts 17:16-34, Sermon Recap

Acts 17:16-34 “Get the Message Out” Many of us went to the voting polls this past week to cast our votes for the politicians who’s message we resonated the most with. Over the course of the last couple of months they used every mode of communication they could to get their message out to the people. The Apostle Paul was not in a political race but had a message he needed to get out to the people in Athens, the Gospel. In Acts 17:16-34, Paul shows us 4 steps to effectively get out the greatest message, the Gospel. These steps the Spirit used back then and still uses today to bring people into His Kingdom. The 4 steps are: 1. Observing culture that leads to a provoked spirit 2. Engaging everyone/everywhere 3. Finding common ground when engaging people 4. Contextualizing the Gospel Here are some questions to think through this week as you recap the sermon and engage with Acts 17:16-34. --What are the idols in your city and in your heart? How is the Holy... Continue reading

Blog Post New Pastor @ The Crossing!

It is with great joy that on October 5th 2014, The Crossing Church added our 4th Pastor/Elder, Daniel Smith! Daniel has been with the Crossing since the beginning and has shown to be a man who loves Jesus and His Church. Please pray for Daniel and His wife Michele as they start a new calling in life. Here are a couple pictures from that Sunday. View more pics:... Continue reading

Blog Post Everyday Missionaries


Are you a missionary? I am. I'm not always a faithful missionary. I'm not always an effective missionary. But I am a missionary... and so are you. All who follow Christ are given the mission to make disciples as we go along the road of life. Some are sent overseas. Some are sent to unreached places. Some are freed up to do this vocationally. But we're all sent into the world together as communities of missionaries (John 20:21). buy a college essay We talk about this often with our church. We try to help everyone embrace their identity as a missionary and a vital member of a missionary community (Life Group). For some, this can seem overwhelming, so I want to offer a few practical ideas that can help us approach everyday life as everyday missionaries. Be regulars We've seen people become a part of our community through relationships built at stores, gyms, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks, hospitals and grocery stores. These relationships rarely develop through a single... Continue reading

Blog Post Kingdom Living – Becoming Family

By God's grace, The Crossing family has been growing, and our Life Groups have been multiplying. Our Life Groups are more than Bible Studies or weekly meetings. They are growing families, committed to living for Jesus and His mission together. The following video shares a story of what God has been doing in one of our newer Life Groups in Loveland, and how this burgeoning family is being used to shine God's glory to our community. Praise God for His faithful love. reliable essay writing... Continue reading