Blog Post New Pastor @ The Crossing!

It is with great joy that on October 5th 2014, The Crossing Church added our 4th Pastor/Elder, Daniel Smith! Daniel has been with the Crossing since the beginning and has shown to be a man who loves Jesus and His Church. Please pray for Daniel and His wife Michele as they start a new calling in life. Here are a couple pictures from that Sunday. View more pics:... Continue reading

Blog Post Everyday Missionaries


Are you a missionary? I am. I'm not always a faithful missionary. I'm not always an effective missionary. But I am a missionary... and so are you. All who follow Christ are given the mission to make disciples as we go along the road of life. Some are sent overseas. Some are sent to unreached places. Some are freed up to do this vocationally. But we're all sent into the world together as communities of missionaries (John 20:21). buy a college essay We talk about this often with our church. We try to help everyone embrace their identity as a missionary and a vital member of a missionary community (Life Group). For some, this can seem overwhelming, so I want to offer a few practical ideas that can help us approach everyday life as everyday missionaries. Be regulars We've seen people become a part of our community through relationships built at stores, gyms, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks, hospitals and grocery stores. These relationships rarely develop through a single... Continue reading

Blog Post Kingdom Living – Becoming Family

By God's grace, The Crossing family has been growing, and our Life Groups have been multiplying. Our Life Groups are more than Bible Studies or weekly meetings. They are growing families, committed to living for Jesus and His mission together. The following video shares a story of what God has been doing in one of our newer Life Groups in Loveland, and how this burgeoning family is being used to shine God's glory to our community. Praise God for His faithful love. reliable essay writing... Continue reading

Blog Post Church Plants – To Join or Not To Join

This blog post was adapted from Top 10 Reasons to Join a Church Plant: If you want to see Jesus do something new and are sick of the status quo. If you dream of being part of something bigger than yourself. If you want to get into a fight/enter a battle for the kingdom of Christ. If you feel a constant itch to see people who don’t know Jesus come to know Jesus and you believe church planting is the best way for the gospel to advance. If you want to give your time, money, energy, and talents to starting something new and you want to make sacrifices to see a mission to succeed. If you fully support the vision, mission, doctrine, and leadership of a church plant. If you want your faith to grow and you want God to fundamentally meddle with and change your life. If you want to love your city. If you want to watch God move in ways you never imagined and you want an adventure (with all it’s discomfort and risk). If you’re not afraid to... Continue reading

Blog Post Something Amazing From Prague!

I just received an e-mail from a good friend and sister in Christ.  Kara Swindler is currently on mission in the Czech Republic for the foreseeable future, and The Crossing is actively supporting Kara in her ministry to a very dark and atheistic nation.  I praise God for what He is doing in the Czech through and for Kara and the people she is reaching.  Here is her e-mail: An AMAZING event happened yesterday! We had 4 of our students in our apartment, not for English club BUT for a BIBLE STUDY!!!  Why is this so amazing?  It was their first bible study for all 4 girls. Three of these girls, Cristina, Jane, and Bara, became Christians in the last year and the other girl, Šarka, is not a Christian but wanted to come.  At the end of 4 hours of eating, laughing, and learning about God’s Word together – everyone asked where to start reading the bible? We all excitedly answered to meet weekly and study the gospel of John together. My 2 Czech roommates (also... Continue reading