Blog Post Sermon Discussion Questions John 5:18-29

Hey leaders, Here’s a recap on this last week’s message. I hope it’s helpful in your own preparation process. Since a lot of this study will have to do with the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, and (implicitly) God the Holy Spirit, I would urge you to spend some time praying for the Spirit to come and reveal his truth to you and your group this week and ask him to show you where to apply these truths before you launch into the study. Teaching Goal: Jesus imitates God the Father as Healer, Giver of Life, and Judge. Application Goal: That when we know who Jesus is, we are able to imitate him in our lives in such a way that it brings other people to life. TPQ: The message this last week was all about how Jesus the Son imitates God the Father. To some degree, we all imitate our parents. What are some of the things that you imitate from your parents that you’re thankful for? What are some things that you imitate from your parents that you previously... Continue reading

Blog Post Sermon Discussion – John 2:1-12

Hey discussion leaders! Here’s some follow up questions from Aaron’s sermon from this last weekend. Hope it’s helpful. It’s probably a little long, so feel free to pick and choose what you want to highlight. Teaching Goal: That the way Jesus reveals his glory in John 2:1-12 points us to the fact that Jesus himself is our ultimate joy and gives us analogies to understand what that means. Application Goal: That people would seek to cultivate a greater enjoyment of Christ in their personal and communal (church) lives. Thought provoking question: What is something you enjoy a lot? This is pretty broad, so it could be a hobby, a food, a season, etc. Essentially, what is something that brings you a lot of joy? And what is it about that thing that gives you so much joy? Intro questions: Read John 2:1-2 This wedding took place right after Jesus called his disciples. What can you learn about the way Jesus pursues discipleship based on this passage? How does... Continue reading

Blog Post Sermon Discussion John 1:35-51

Here’s a few sermon discussion questions to help our church love God by applying his Word to our lives. Feel free to use these questions for personal reflection, alongside your family, within a smaller discipleship/journey group, or even within the context of your Life Group. If you missed Sunday’s sermon from John 1:35-51 you can view online here: In this passage, we're reminded of two pillars in Jesus' ministry: 'Come and see' 'Go and tell' Come & See-- Jesus asks the followers of John "what are you seeking?" (what do you want?) and they answer back with their own question "where are you staying?". Christ invites them to "come and see", to follow Him and live and learn. Q: are there questions I bring when I consider following Jesus? Do these questions draw me to Him or draw me away from him? Aaron shared his experience of having his mom die suddenly years ago and how this could've drawn his family away from... Continue reading

Blog Post John 1:1-5 Follow Up Discussion

Here's a few sermon discussion questions to help our church love God by applying his Word to our lives. Feel free to use these questions for personal reflection, alongside your family, within a smaller discipleship/journey group, or even within the context of your Life Group. If you missed Sunday's sermon from John 1:1-5, you can view online here:   John 1:1-5  Discussion Questions: TPQ (Thought Provoking Question):  In his sermon this past Sunday, Aaron described a scene in a dark cave. Where's the darkest place you've ever been? (a cave, a rural road, camping on a mountain, etc.)  How did you react to such literal darkness?   As we begin to look at this passage in John's gospel, we'll see how the apostle John contrasts light & darkness. 1.  In verse 1, John uses wording that calls to mind the opening verses in Genesis (In the beginning...). How does this set the tone for the rest of this passage?... Continue reading

Blog Post Song of Solomon 8:6 quiz

Song of Solomon 8:6, "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm.." This past Sunday we looked what it meant for Shulammith to be a seal on Solomon's heart and arm. Here is a fun little quiz to see how we are doing husbands. Lover’s Quotient Test* We need to find out just how creative you are as a husband! let’s take the following Lover’s Quotient Test. Give yourself ten points for each item on the following list if you have done it once in the past six months. If you have done any item on the list two or more times, you get twenty points. Once again: don’t take the results too seriously, but do take them seriously enough! ____ Have you phoned her during the week and asked her out for one evening that weekend without telling her where you are taking her? A mystery date is what we have in mind! ____ Have you given her an evening completely off? You clean up the kitchen; you take care of the kids; you get things settled for the night. ____ Have you... Continue reading

Blog Post Sermon Recap, Jan. 18th

Here is the list of Spiritual Gifts mention in Scripture from Sundays Message. Remember these are not comprehensive or exhaustive lists but good categories to think through. For instance the gift of teaching, what kind of teaching does Paul mean? Teaching Sunday Mornings or at Life Groups? What about our Journey Groups of 2-5 people or one on one Discipleship? How about as Father or Mother teaching their Children. Having the gift of teaching can take on several forms. Use this list to dialog with others in the Crossing and in your Life Group: Spiritual Gifts... Continue reading

Blog Post Sermon Recap, 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Warm up question: Can you think of ministries that share the gospel but not their lives? Can you think of ministries that share their lives but not the gospel? -In your experience, why is having both so crucial to authentic gospel ministry? Scripture Text questions: What are some of the charges that Paul’s opponents have brought forth, verses 3 & 5? How does Paul defend these accusations, verses 4, 7-12? Where do we see evidence in this passage of Paul’s authentic love for the Thessalonians, verses 7-9, 12? Application Questions: Who would you like to share more of your life with this year with the hopes of an opportunity to share the gospel? How can we as a life group organize our formal and informal meeting times to accommodate living life with these people? (Meals, Hobbies, Listening, Questions) - Gather/Scatter events Who can we pray for as a group for an open door to proclaim the gospel? (cf - Col.... Continue reading

Blog Post Sunday Gathering, January 4th

Here is our weekly blog that we post in hopes of helping those coming to The Crossing’s Sunday Gathering to engage and prepare our hearts to worship King Jesus. We will highlight the Scripture that we will preach on as well as the songs we will be singing. Here are a three simple ways to prepare your heart: 1) Read through and meditate on the text that will be preached that Sunday with your family or friends. 2) Sing, listen or read through some of the song lyrics that we will sing together and ask God to grow and strengthen our faith and understanding of Him through them. 3) Pray for God to reveal Himself to you and the The Crossing in powerful ways! Worship through the Word: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Worship through Singing: Wonderful Cross Man of Sorrows Cornerstone Jesus, Firm... Continue reading

Blog Post Jesus is Love, John 3:16

John 3:16 is the Gospel, the Good News---The Greatest news ever! Listen to how one explained it:         “For God – the greatest Lover          So loved – the greatest generosity          The world – the greatest tragedy          That he gave – the greatest sacrifice          His only Son – the greatest gift          That whoever – the greatest openness          Believes – the greatest simplicity          In him – the greatest attraction          Should not perish – the greatest rescue          But – the greatest difference          Have – the greatest treasure          Eternal life – the greatest... Continue reading

Blog Post Advent 2014 Resources

This weekend we kicked off the Advent of Jesus Christ! The word Advent means "coming" or "arrival." From November 30th-December 25th we will focus our Gatherings around the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ, his first Advent, with anticipation of His Second Advent as the conquering King. Here is a free resource on Advent called, "Good News of Great Joy," from John Piper and Desiring God. It is a great tool to help us keep Jesus at the heart of the Christmas Season. Matthew 1:1-17, The Genealogy of... Continue reading